Leaving Academia: My Advice

Not long before I left academia in 2014, I started writing about my experiences. I wanted to both chronicle my journey and chart how others could follow a similar path out of academia. I was a consultant for Karen Kelsky for a few years, working with new and would-be post-academic (or “post-ac”) clients on their job materials, networking, and interviews. I’ve also worked with Jennifer Polk on getting my story and advice out there. Below are my contributions to the growing post-ac advice community:

Beyond the Professoriate Remarks, Freelancing & Entrepreneurship

From Ph.D. To Life Q&A

Transition Update: Conversation with Kelly Baker

Going Post-Ac

Blogging Post-Ac

You Have an Interview. Now What?

Speaking Post-Ac

Get Out There: Connecting, Negotiating, and Getting Paid

What An Editor Does (and Can Do)

What An Editor Does: STEM Edition

The Job of an Academic Editor, Parts 1 & 2

Framing Your Academic Experience on the Job Market

Collaborate, Collaborate, Collaborate

My Policy Is…

Fiction Editing, Part I: Editors

Fiction Editing, Part II: Novelists

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