Leaving Academia: My Journey

I was an adjunct professor from August 1999–May 2014. I taught courses in American literature, film and other adaptations, Shakespeare, and first-year writing. I wrote one book, edited another, gave I fun & insightful talk at the Library of Congress, and did a lot of the other standard academic things. In my last year or so as a professor, I decided to use my privilege as someone who’d never return to academia to speak out for others who couldn’t leave. I wrote articles. I tweeted. I did Facebook posts. I was on the news a few times. I cofounded a nonprofit to support adjunct faculty financially and professionally. Here are the highlights of my online activism:

National Adjunct Walkout Day, 2015

PBS NewsHour, “Making Sense” Open Letter to Parents

PBS NewsHour, “Making Sense” piece on petition to Labor Dept. 

New Game, New Rules

Adjunct, Help Thyself

Not a Scarlet Letter (Hybrid Pedagogy)

Not a Scarlet Letter (IHE)

Stress Points 


After I left academia, I continued telling my story of finding a new career and figuring things out as I went along. Here are some highlights:

Making This Up As I Go

Another #ArticleRemix

The Honest Resume

Not Since 1998

Cotton Anniversary



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