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Joe is one of those great editors who doesn’t just point out problems in the text but also comes armed with suggestions. My experience with him has been submitting articles to a website where he functions as an editor. I watched him shepherd less experienced writers through their first published pieces. From the start of our collaboration I’ve trusted him to make corrections on small mistakes independently. On the occasions that Joe has found larger problems he offers potential solutions that match the piece’s voice and preserve the context of what’s being fixed. I would absolutely recommend his services and will consider him for my future independent editing needs. —Theron Couch

I’m going to be blunt for a moment: I’m smart, experienced, and good to work with. I have a PhD in English, 15 years of experience as an English professor, and 8+ as an editor, proofreader, and writing consultant. You should want to hire me to help you publish your writing.

Stop putting off your dream of getting published. You have a lot of great ideas and experience to share, but maybe you don’t have the time to write and publish them. Or, if you have the time to write, maybe you’re not sure how to turn your expertise into a book, article, or series of articles. You’re also busy. (Who isn’t nowadays?) But you want to write a book or articles to increase your visibility, boost sales, and kickstart a lucrative speaking career. Lucky for you, I have the experience and writing competence to help you turn those ideas and notes into something cohesive, useful, and popular.

You’ve found the right ghostwriter.

When we co-write your project, we’ll start an ongoing collaboration that will last months—or more. I’ll help you shape and finish your working draft through regular collaboration and communication. (Read my introductory blog post here.) I bring my ear for language and eye for detail to our work together. I can help you with anything you want to write. Book? I’ve written one and edited many others. Essays, articles, and other longreads? I’ve written and edited many. Chances are if you need it written, I can do it.

With rates starting at $7500 for book projects and $5000 for shorter projects, my ghostwriting services ensure that you’re wisely investing in the way to the literary success you deserve. I’ll cater my approach to editing and strengthening your work based on your needs, skills, and timeline. Here’s what I offer:
  • a free initial video chat to assess your needs and our fit;
  • regular check-ins to discuss our progress;
  • an ongoing collaboration with someone who’s written, edited, and commented on thousands of pages of writing.

Interested? Let’s talk more.

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