Editing and Proofreading

I used Joseph’s editing services for my dissertation. I found his work very helpful and thorough—worth every cent. He is precise with his edits and guides your work into a more dynamic piece. Joseph was able to spot a couple of writing habits that I had developed without even realizing it! I honestly feel that after working Joseph my writing will improve from here on out. Very recommended! —Jason Osequeda

The Hannibal Smith of academic publishing. —Verna Kale

I’ve been a copy editor, proofreader, and writing consultant for the past 8 years. I bring 15 years of experience as an English & Writing professor; I read and commented on thousands of pages of writing in my teaching career. I’m just as strong editing or trimming copy as I am proofing it, and I regularly draw on my teaching experience in helping clients plan and develop their writing. Chances are that if you need help with a writing project, I can do it.

I offer progressive services, depending on what you need and when you need it:

  • Have a novel or other project that needs a fresh set of eyes to tell you if it works? I’ll give you an aerial view.
  • Need direction, a workable timeline, and regular consulting on an in-progress draft and set of ideas? I’ll do developmental editing.
  • Have a completed draft that needs line-by-line tightening, correcting, and querying? I’ll give you a thorough copy edit.
  • Need an objective look at your work’s style, word choices, grammar, and flow from someone who isn’t an expert? I’ll be your educated nonspecialist editor.
  • Have a finished manuscript that you need to submit to a publisher or graduate committee. I’ll give you a pre-submission edit.
  • Need a sharp eye for detail before submitting completed project—book, proposal, blog post, article, cover letter, résumé, etc.? I’ll be your proofreader.

Please contact me (joe@jfruscione.com or @Joe_Fru on Twitter) to discuss your project and needs. I offer a free 20-minute video chat to discuss your work, expectations, process, and fee range.

My fee depends on your project’s length, timeline, and level of editing required:

  • Aerial view (comments only): $500-1,500
  • Developmental editing and coaching: starts at $750
  • Copy editing: $500-3,000
  • Proofreading: $500-2,000
  • Rush Fees of 10% will apply to projects needing fewer than 4 weeks of turnaround time.
  • Late Fees of 10% (of the project cost) will apply to missed deadlines or other delays. The late fee will be due before I continue working on your project.

The fee includes a free video chat to assess your needs and our fit for your project. If we’re doing developmental work or ghostwriting, we’ll also have regular video chats to discuss my work and (if necessary) adjust your revision plan. I require a portion of the project cost up front, and I’ll send an estimate and work scope for us to agree on before I begin.

See here for my resume.

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