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Here are some of the books I’m proud to say I’ve worked on, as well as my own three books.



Past & Present Projects

Since I started editing in 2010, I’ve done a lot of different projects—some of which I never expected to do. I’ve worked on novels, a memoir, a multimillion dollar proposal from a defense contractor, religious history books, and a museum catalogue for an exhibit of Ethiopian religious devotionals, in addition to typical academic projects. I’m currently doing some editing work for a new website, Do You Even Comic Book?. The variety has kept things engaging, and for a few I was hired because I wasn’t an expert in the subject area.

I’ve also edited my own essay collection and coedited another: Succeeding Beyond Academia, with Kelly Baker (October 2018). In this capacity, I’ve shuttled between the developmental editor helping writers figure out their content and structure and the copy editor suggesting corrections and revisions.

Like all editors, I offer different skill sets to my clients. Each project has taught me something about what I know, what I do well, and what I need to keep working on. Editors do things differently, and each of us brings particular skills and methods to our work. It’s all about finding the right fit for you and your writing project. I also keep learning that just because I don’t like how something sounds doesn’t mean I can edit it. The toughest trick to learn can be when not to edit. I’ve written a bit about this here and here.

In short, find your fit. When you find the right editor for you, your work and writing will improve. If you think I’m the right editor for you, contact me.


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