Client Testimonials

The Hannibal Smith of academic publishing. —Verna Kale

Working with Joe made putting the finishing touches on my final book manuscript enjoyable. I had to cut 10,000 words, and he helped me cut most of that without losing substantive content. He paid careful attention to maintaining my argument and preserving my interviewees’ words while streamlining the text. He was quick and responsive, ensuring that we met the press’s deadline. —Laura Enriquez

I needed an edit on my novel fast, to hit a deadline on getting it to my agent. Joe put other projects aside and worked at incredible speed to get it done in under a week. He was a consummate professional, getting me chunks of the book at a time, so I could be polishing as he forged ahead, while also talking me through larger issues when they came up. Joe also has a great ear for language and pace, and helped the book read easier, and ultimately become a better work of art.Mark Cecil

I’d already had my manuscript critiqued by a professional editor, but I brought it to Joe for a second look. There weren’t any major changes necessary, so Joe used his careful editorial eye to make small cuts here and a few word changes there. His comments and suggestions were never overbearing or harshly critical—he has a careful, and collegial way of doing the work. In the end, the effect of all those small edits was remarkable. The book is much stronger and reads much better thanks to his capable hand. —Mark Conard

I’m the kind of writer who usually prefaces things with, “This is weird, but reserve judgement for a bit. I’m trying something.” Where others flinch, Joe doesn’t even bat an eye. “I see what you’re trying to do, but maybe try….” is a marvelous editorial comment. He’s that kind of editor.John Pivovarnick

Joe is one of those great editors who doesn’t just point out problems in the text but also comes armed with suggestions. My experience with him has been submitting articles to a website where he functions as an editor. I watched him shepherd less experienced writers through their first published pieces. From the start of our collaboration I’ve trusted him to make corrections on small mistakes independently. On the occasions that Joe has found larger problems he offers potential solutions that match the piece’s voice and preserve the context of what’s being fixed. I would absolutely recommend his services and will consider him for my future independent editing needs. Theron Couch

Joe is a fantastic editor. He has assisted me with everything from articles, op-eds, and movie reviews to book and comic reviews for a website. His editing style is constructive, concise, and consistent. Joe always asks me questions and offers guidance that helps me better develop my argument within my writing. To me, the mark of a good editor is whether they guide their writers or if they merely write for them. I have never felt Joe’s personality in any of my pieces. Instead he has pushed me in positive ways to further my writing abilities and thought process.Elizabeth L. Garcia

Joe is a fantastic resource for both established and aspiring academic writers and editors. I am a PhD Candidate and connected with Joe on Twitter where I reached out for some career advice. What started as an informational interview conversation has turned into editorial support as I work to put together a book proposal. Joe’s enthusiasm for my project, and his expertise in editing and writing, is helping me shape my ideas into something tangible—and hopefully impactful. Before working with Joe I didn’t think this project could be a reality. As we move forward on it, he has been an incredible resource to bounce ideas off of, organize my thoughts, and keep my motivation strong for this not-my-dissertation project. When I am able to finish this project and get it published, it will be because of Joe’s support and personalized guidance. Katie Wedemeyer-Strombel

I used Joseph’s editing services for my dissertation. I found his work very helpful and thorough—worth every cent. He is precise with his edits and guides your work into a more dynamic piece. Joseph was able to spot a couple of writing habits that I had developed without even realizing it! I honestly feel that after working Joseph my writing will improve from here on out. Very recommended!Jason Osequeda

I was hired by Joseph to create the index for his book project. His expectations were clear and he was easy to work with, in addition to issuing prompt payment for my services. I highly recommend working with him. He is a consummate professional and one whom I would happily work for again. Rachel Neff

I can endorse Joseph as both a great colleague and a great friend. Joseph and I worked together in Hemingway studies on various projects, including a collection of essays he edited with admirable precision and efficiency— two qualities one always hopes to find in a good editor. Joseph’s expertise ranges from primary research and argumentation (check out his very good book on Faulkner and Hemingway) to teaching (and across such a wide range of courses!) to editing and publishing. He has a lot to offer, and he is a pleasure to work with.Katie Owens-Murphy

Joseph Fruscione is a high-caliber editor with an exceptional capacity for seeing “invisible” typography flaws with lightning speed and promptitude. Attentive to his client’s preferred style and personal voice, he not only copy edits with precision, but also offers substantive recommendations for improvement graciously and with professional objectivity. 
   I worked with Joseph on a long term, very complex book project requiring extensive revision of a previously published text. While updating the over 500-page volume’s language, sources, grammar, style, and format over several months of multiple drafts, I always found his editorial work an invaluable asset at every stage. 
   Throughout this long project, Joseph was almost immediately accessible, personable, very prompt with deadlines—often ahead of schedule—and exceptionally competent, especially as he sleuthed out the finest details of typographical errors. 
   I will hope to recruit Joseph Fruscione for future projects, and offer a robust affirmation of his outstanding editorial skill.Neville Ann Kelly

I hired Joseph to help proofread my new book “What Spins the Wheel: Leadership Lessons from our Race for Hope” in May 2014. Under a very tight timeline Joseph turned around critical comments on the manuscript in record time with accuracy and incredibly insightful and thoughtful comments on improving the product with minimal effort. Joseph has been a responsive, reliable and professional team player in assisting the effort to produce my book.Len Forkas

I hired Joseph while at the International Youth Foundation to conduct final edits on funding proposals to be submitted to the U.S. Agency for International Development. He is a thorough, thoughtful, timely editor. Our deadlines were very tight and Joseph was able to meet them or get documents back to us before deadline. I strongly recommend Joseph for your editing needs!Kate Carpenter

I recently enlisted Joseph’s services for the editing of my graduate thesis for Georgetown University. He provided swift, excellent feedback and at a great cost. He fully understood my project goals and expectations (likely due to his background in academia) and was able to offer insights that improved the quality of my work and helped me to better articulate my research findings. I will gladly recommend him to peers and colleagues. (I passed with flying colors, by the way!).Michelle Hamilton

Joseph assisted me in editing several MA theses this semester while I was on maternity leave. Beyond providing prompt and efficient service, he brought tremendous ability and experience to these editing projects. His years of teaching experience have given him an excellent eye for identifying problematic patterns in writing, and his suggestions for changes and improvement were clear and constructive.Bridget Rector

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