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I’m the kind of writer who usually prefaces things with, “This is weird, but reserve judgement for a bit. I’m trying something.” Where others flinch, Joe doesn’t even bat an eye. “I see what you’re trying to do, but maybe try….” is a marvelous editorial comment. He’s that kind of editor. —John Pivovarnick

Joseph Fruscione is a high-caliber editor with an exceptional capacity for seeing “invisible” typography flaws with lightning speed and promptitude. Attentive to his client’s preferred style and personal voice, he not only copy edits with precision, but also offers substantive recommendations for improvement graciously and with professional objectivity.
I worked with Joseph on a long term, very complex book project requiring extensive revision of a previously published text. While updating the over 500-page volume’s language, sources, grammar, style, and format over several months of multiple drafts, I always found his editorial work an invaluable asset at every stage.
Throughout this long project, Joseph was almost immediately accessible, personable, very prompt with deadlines—often ahead of schedule—and exceptionally competent, especially as he sleuthed out the finest details of typographical errors.
I will hope to recruit Joseph Fruscione for future projects, and offer a robust affirmation of his outstanding editorial skill. —Neville Ann Kelly

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