Introducing: Ghostwriting Services

After 15 years as an English professor and 8 years as an editor, I’m adding ghostwriting to my repertoire. Ghostwriting is a natural next step for me. Since I started this post–academic career journey in 2014, I’ve spent a lot of time writing and revising my own work, as well as developing, editing, and proofreading others’.

When I was a professor, I worked with thousands of pages of writing at various stages. Add thousands more of my own writing in graduate school and my career as a professor and then freelance writer. Then add hundreds more from the two essay collections I’ve either solo- or co-edited. And, when you consider the material I’ve edited or proofread in 8 years as a freelancer…well, you get the idea. Writing—in all its forms—has been a key part of my career for over 20 years.

I’ll be working in the sweet spot between heavy copy editing and light ghostwriting. After my time as an English professor and professional editor, I have the confidence—and competence—to help clients turn their ideas into books, articles, or other forms.

First, let’s talk a bit about what my ghostwriting isn’t. I won’t be doing all—or even most—of my clients’ work. I’m not writing books, articles, or anything else for anyone while they sit and wait. 

Rather, my clients will provide most of the content, and we’ll then work together to fill gaps, shape or expand the text, and edit creatively to ensure the best possible piece(s) for their needs. Chances are, the story they want to tell is already there; most of my job will be helping them uncover, shape, and then produce it.

Let’s say you’re a project manager with 15 years of experience in land development and civil engineering, and you want to write a book about different ways of managing teams, handling community outreach and local zoning regulations, and other things you’ve learned. I can help you.

You could be a graphic designer who wants to write a series of articles about different facets of the business: how it’s changed, how you’ve added new technologies to stay current, and how you’ve learned to be a better freelancer. The pieces you’ve drafted need more substance and structure, though. I can help you.

Maybe you’re head of operations for a cable network. You want to write a primer for beginners about adapting to new technologies, applying best practices to installing equipment, and editing different kinds of video content efficiently. You have the knowledge but not the writing expertise. I can help you.

Your friends have been telling you for years to write about your life’s experiences: school, work, time in the military, dating, playing recreational sports…all of it. They say you’re a great storyteller, and you’re finally taking their advice—but don’t know where to start. I can help you. 

Or maybe you’re finally writing that novel you’ve tinkered with for years. You have some good chapter drafts and character outlines, but you need help planning the rest of the work and shaping your ideas into a complete book. You’re at a point in your career when you can take the time to see this novel through to completion. Spoiler alert: I can help you.

I’ll be drawing on my teaching and developmental editing experience by encouragement, regular conversation, comments on drafts, question-and-answer sessions, and—most of all—practice followed by constructive feedback. In leveraging my past work as a writer and editor into my work as a ghostwriter, I’ll help my clients first assess what their project needs and then keep evaluating those needs as the project develops. As the work grows over weeks, months, or longer, we’ll keep thinking about (1) what it should look like, (2) what it needs to do and how it needs to do it, (3) the best structure to convey the intended messages and ideas, and (4) how to reach the people who need the project the most.

Ultimately, I’ll work with clients at each stage: from discovery, mapping, and drafting to revising, polishing, and then publishing their project. It’s a balancing act that I’m well suited for. I won’t argue; I’ll suggest. I won’t control the work; I’ll collaborate to help create the work. I won’t share my vision; I’ll help the client see how their vision is enough.

Interested in learning more? Want to hire me? Know someone who needs a consultant like me? Talk to me here.

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